Fulfilling your warehousing needs,
one shipment at a time

We produce the products, build online stores and handle customer service… we’re the perfect one-stop-shop for all your promotional product needs. We have warehousing and fullfilment programs for both small local companies and large national companies.


Inventory SKUs – To keep track of inventory at all times, individual items are broken down by size and given a separate SKU. This provides amazing inventory control and fits any program.

Inventory/Activity Reporting - Real time inventory status reports and history reports with detailed info about each order available online 24/7. Custom reports as needed.

Inventory Controls - All items are counted and checked in upon arrival. Cycle counts are performed daily, popular products are counted 4 times a year and full physical counts can be done upon request.

Inventory management assistance – We monitor inventory and alert you if products are low. Access low inventory reports online anytime.


Whether it’s a one off project for mailing holiday gifts, or an ongoing safety awards program, we have the space, knowledge, and team ready to handle your project.

Basic Mailer
Sometimes you just need a piece mailed to a ton of different people

Multiple items needing packaging and mailing

Prize & Incentive Programs
Use a code to redeem products

Direct Marketing
One time mass mailing or ongoing flyers

Store & Ship Later
Take advantage of pricing now and we ship later


We recognize all businesses are different, so we’re super flexible in all our services.

We’re ready to customize a program and store interface to perfectly suit your warehousing needs. You’ll be amazed.

Orders can be received into our fullfilment queue either directly from an online store we create or using electronic data transfer if you’d prefer to handle the order generation and web interface on your own.

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1) We're less expensive
Often times a lot less. Our core business is promotional products and by offering warehousing and fullfilment at cost, we hope to get more of your promotional products and custom apparel business – with our online stores everything you buy reduces your warehousing and fulfillment cost.

2) Quick roll over
When taking on new warehousing and fullfilment programs, our priority (whether it’s a holiday weekend or mid week) is to get your store up and running fast. Need it up in a week, we can do that. We don’t accept this takes months.

3) Free up space and time
Using our warehousing and distribution facility frees up your space and time for what you do best.


After your order has been picked from inventory, it’s double checked and shipped according to the customer requirements. The order is processed, internal records are updated, and an invoice can be created and sent if required. Accuracy is at the center of our pick, pack and ship operation. Every order that leaves our facility is verified twice.
  • Same Day Shipping - Orders placed by 12pm noon PT ship the same day
  • Address Validation
  • Choice of Shippers – UPS, FedEx, USPS
  • International Shipping
  • Freight/LTL services
  • Email shipping notification
  • Real-Time Reporting


  • Custom packaging and boxes
  • Custom packing tape
Products Not made by Kotis
Sometimes we won’t be the best solution for certain products. We’re willing and able to integrate products we didn’t produce into your program.