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mission statement

To provide clients with the best swag solutions ever: to further their cause, make their lives easier, and amaze them every time.

the kotisian values

  1. Fight for Better
  2. Love What You Do
  3. Always Be Candid
  4. Choose Positive
  5. Be A Doer
  6. Do the Right Thing

why kotis?

As a Kotis Campus Rep, you’ve got it made. You get to network with student organizations and help to create amazing shirts and swag for hundreds of your fellow students and faculty. Everything is on your schedule and when everyone on campus is a potential customer, the possibility to make money is endless.

Let's Make Amazing!

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Kotis Design is the national leader of fraternity and sorority t-shirts, hoodies and American Apparel products for any event: bid night, bid day, dances, philanthropies, greek week, homecoming, parent's weekend, and house shirts. Swag on.

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