2011 - Present: Gasworks & Tukwila – After 3 years in Lynnwood we maxed our warehouse and office space. We now have a 16,000 sq/ft warehouse in Tukwila where we warehouse, fulfill, and screen-print, and our entire office team is now together in a creative and exciting space that overlooks Lake Union. Nic put his magical touch on the space, as we completely remodeled the space, and made it truly amazing. Come any time you’d like and check out the pics here.

2008-10: Lynnwood & University Ave – This was the first time we had two locations. The Lynnwood location was our home to our warehouse facility and corporate headquarters while the University Ave was naturally where the college team worked. We hit the Puget Sound Business Journal as #21 on the fastest growing private companies in Washington and were on it all 3 years.

2005-07: Lake City – For 2 good years we called Lake City our home, but soon enough our shelves were full, our neighbors were angry at the maxed out parking lot, there was no room for extra desks, and when trucks came with large deliveries we would block our entire street while unloading packages into the parking lot/lawn. It was time for another upgrade.

2005: The Basement/Sitok – Nic's uncle owned a building near UW so we set up shop in the basement and consequently had our first real office. The proximity to the football stadium didn't hurt as we met more clients tailgating than any other year (plus we found Adam, the head of our warehouse/operations). The space was 10 times the size of the University House yet it only took 9 months to out grow.

2004: University House – After graduating college we decided to throw caution to the wind and pursue our start-up full time. Jeff and 7 friends lived in a nine-bedroom house where Kotis operated out of the one bedroom left. The tiny space worked well and even boasted 270 degrees of windows, which, unfortunately, made the summers extremely hot. Oh, and we also had our first intern.

2001-03: Fraternity – The roots of Kotis began back in a small fraternity room at the University of Washington where Jeff made tees for his fraternity. He was introduced to Nic as the "designer he should have used" on an order where the customer wasn't satisfied. James joined in and began "pushing shirts" while Daniel was convinced to get involved on the tech side (thank goodness for that). The core team was in place.


We're built to handle large volumes of orders efficiently and creatively. We have a support staff that can easily scale to manage several times our current business.

For the last several years we've been focusing our use of technology to enable more aggressive growth. We're experimenting with satellite sales offices in various cities throughout the country, and are looking to acquire small businesses nationally to increase our sales in existing and emerging markets.