Services Decorating Apparel: Embroidery

Embroidery is when thread is stitched into a garment. Contrary to popular belief, embroidery is a very price effective option for any size order and continues to be a popular favorite year after year. It’s a terrific way to add value to your next promotion. Unlike screen-printing, the more colors you have doesn’t necessarily increase the price.

Superior Quality Lettering
New trends in apparel decoration come and go. Mastery of the fundamentals is always in need.
Gradient Embroidery
Gradients are no longer limited to screen-printing.
3-D Embroidery
For text with true impact in an endless sea of BOLD fonts. Great on hats.

Before your design can be embroidered, it must first be digitized. This is just a technical term to describe the process involved in programming the embroidery machine to stitch your logo accurately.