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We produce branded merchandise in a unique way that results in quality, creativity, and convenience with every project. Innovation and creativity have always been a core part of Kotis, but we're focusing more than ever on technology and design. Strengthen your brand with Kotis.


The roots of Kotis began in 2001 on the University of Washington campus. A few students started selling sweet custom apparel to the greek community.

Today, Kotis is the fastest growing branded merchandise company in WA, creating promotional products and branded apparel in the corporate world, and expanding our college presence to over 400 campuses nationwide.

But learn how


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Everything we do is based on the premise of trying to "make amazing": an amazing product, service and experience


To become the national leader in our industry, through:

  • Amazing service,
  • Impressive solutions, and
  • Every Kotisian constantly fighting for better


The name "Kotis" comes from a Greek word which means "the act of creating".