This chart is a reference guide only. Colors on monitors may vary. For true accuracy use the Pantone Color books.

 Pastel Yellow 600C
 Yellow 107C
  Light Gold 123C
 Athletic Gold 1235C
 Light Orange 1495C
 Orange 021C
 Red 186C
  Scarlet 201C
 Maroon 1817C
 Coral 170C
 Pastel Pink 706C
 Pink 1905C
 Violet 265C
 Ultraviolet 253C
  Purple 268C
  Dark Purple 5265C
  Navy 289C
  Royal Blue 286C
  Bright Blue 285C
 Teal 321C
 Cyan 639C
 Columbia Blue 292C
 Light Aqua Blue 2975C
 Mint 332C
 Lime 375C
 Grass Green 360C
  Green 356C
 Dark Green 350C
  Brown 4625C
 Sienna Brown 731C
 Burnt Orange 160C
  Khaki 7502C
 Cool Gray 3
 Cool Gray 7
  Dark Gray 431C
  Charcoal 432C
 Neon Yellow
 Neon Orange
 Neon Red Orange
 Neon Pink
 Neon Magenta
 Neon Purple
 Neon Blue
 Neon Green
 Metallic Gold
 Metallic Silver
 Gold Foil
 Silver Foil
 Blue Foil
 Pink Foil
 Red Foil

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